GBSLEP Growth Hub Business Advisors Organisation

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GBSLEP Growth Hub Business Advisors Organisation

The Growth Hub is the home for advice, guidance and funding for businesses and entrepreneurs across the Greater Birmingham area.

We offer impartial, no-cost advice from our expert business advisers online and in person, working with many specialist partner organisations in the public and private sectors. We aim to make businesses we work with as successful as they can be.

Growth Hub Business Advisors

Our network of independent Business Advisors is based in Birmingham and working throughout the West Midlands and can support you with advice and information, with local face-to-face workshops and networking events.

The Growth Hub partners with businesses to give free advice and information and have done so since 2013. We are trusted and well respected by business owners to offer advice, information and support to small and medium-sized businesses to enable them to reach their potential. The Growth Hub brings together specialist businesses and public sector organisations with a shared aim of supporting business owners to make their businesses as successful as they can be.


We partner with some of the most critical and innovative organisations in the West Midlands, supporting them to deliver their public service goals through small and medium-sized businesses. We believe that small businesses are the engine of the West Midlands economy and that partnership with businesses is the most effective way of achieving our shared ambitions.

The Growth Hub, together with a range of its partners, provides a gateway to government support and public services for businesses through various routes. For more information, visit the Partner Links pages.

The Growth Hub is a registered Charity, Company Limited by Guarantee and registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (Registration No. OC375722)

Our advice is free and can be used by companies of all shapes and sizes, helping them develop a business that could be big enough to turn a profit or small enough to make a difference in people’s lives of their employees.

How do we do this?

The Growth Hub employs over 50 full-time employment specialists in small and medium-sized businesses to deliver a comprehensive range of business services.

Our support is tailored to your company’s needs and includes expert business advice, market intelligence, commercial training, and help with tax, finance, marketing, sales, and HR.

The information below outlines some of our key capabilities and services; for a complete list, click here.

Business Consulting:

Through a network of qualified and experienced advisors, our business consultants can provide free, confidential commercial advice.

It’s no good being a great place to do business if it’s not a great place to start. It’s even better to grow your business whilst maintaining a high degree of employee morale, productivity and customer satisfaction.

The Growth Hub has the capability and expertise to help you turn your ambitions into a reality, helping you become your company’s most productive, efficient and productive employees.


Market Intelligence:

We provide an unrivalled range of market intelligence from commercial intelligence, business intelligence, business data analytics, sector and trade intelligence, government procurement, and more.

In recent years we have developed market intelligence solutions that allow you to have a more significant say and understand what’s happening in your local area and across the globe.

Our market intelligence solutions help you make business decisions. We take the guesswork out of planning for future growth, make strategic decisions about your future by identifying opportunities and making intelligent capital investments in your business.

You can take advantage of our services by visiting the website and using our search tools or contacting our Business Advisers.

We offer expert business and tax advice to companies in the UK, Europe and beyond.

We are a highly respected firm providing a full range of services to businesses of all sizes. We understand that business is complex, and we understand that you need to see and understand your data to understand how best to make business decisions. We also understand that when you work in partnership with your Accountants and other advisors, you need to get the best value from your time, money, and data.

We provide businesses with expert advice and support on a wide range of business issues. As well as assisting with VAT, accounts and taxation matters, we advise companies on the best use of accounting software and software packages. We also provide business support services, including IT and telecoms systems. We are a very efficient operation, and we can handle a large volume of enquiries in a short space of time.

The firm has a proven track record of providing first-class accounting and bookkeeping services. In addition, we are experts in many areas such as payroll, payroll processing, human resources, financial record keeping, audits and many other business-related services.

The firm has recently been appointed as accountants for the newly formed Association of Local Authority Accountants (ALA). This includes providing accountancy advice to them, and their members on a wide range of issues, including accounting and business advice, tax and VAT advice, legal advice; accounting software advice; IT advice and support, business audits and many other services.

Many of our services are delivered via our online facility. If you contact us now, you will be assigned a member of staff who will deal with your enquiry directly and efficiently, and at the same time, you will be able to make use of all the services we provide. Alternatively, you may wish to request a call back from a member of our team, in which case you will be provided with the contact details of a member of staff who will be in touch with you directly.

We appreciate that you will require to make some enquiries to be able to decide if the services we provide are suitable for you.

The firm is accredited for both self-employed and small business clients, and we also provide limited company client services.

If you would like to request a call back from a member of our team or find out more details about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us via the link below or by telephone.

Alternatively, you may wish to send us your enquiry using the form provided at the bottom of the page.   Home | GBSLEP Growth Hub | Business Funding

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