Gibson Nyendwa – Founder – Gibcom Marketing Support Ltd

Admin 11 March 2021

Gibson Nyendwa – Founder – Gibcom Marketing Support Ltd

Gibson Nyendwa is the Founder of 2 companies Succor Care Services Ltd and Gibcom Marketing Support Ltd. He is also an author, investor and entrepreneur. He is laser focused to helps online entrepreneurs and professionals leverage their knowledge to gain authority status in their industry, by growing their online presence. He also helps professionals position themselves as educators and advocates for the success of their clients and prospects. His unique method has been known to use Digital platform namely social media. Gibson is an “ emerging business leader to watch”. Gibson Nyendwa is also a devoted Christian, advocate for Young people and children with Down syndrome, and learning disability. Having worked in the social services sector before dedicating his career in Digital Marketing, he developed the passion to help and support people of all walks of life especially those who desire to make a difference in life, with their life.

In addition to consulting directly with leaders in the fields of business, finance, health, real estate and personal development, Gibson has helped hundreds of marketing consultants and grow their businesses with his outside the box strategies to boost client authority and positioning within their industry.

His philosophy was born out of what at first seemed to be a major conflict with no obvious solution when he realized very early that a career in Digital Marketing was far more profitable than a fixed paycheck. But he discovered one big problem… he couldn’t stand traditional Marketing. “I hate Marketing, but I love making people want to buy,” Gibson proclaims.

Over the years Gibson has adjusted and tuned his strategies. By helping his customers reposition themselves from traditional hard sales, Marketing tactics to being the Educators and Advocates for their prospects and customers success, Gibson has been credited with helping businesses and changing lives. Gibson is blessed to be loved by the most beautiful Children on Earth, proud father to 2 amazing kids Violet 21 and Joshua 5.