How to access free digital Marketing Courses – Resources

Admin 5 November 2021

How to access free digital Marketing Courses – Resources



 Compiled by Gibcom Marketing Support Ltd 



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The Free Resources List: 

  1. (64.61 TB Research Data available) 


  1. (Learn with Google) 


  1. (Master the Google Tools) (Learn Analytics with Free Online Courses)


  1. (Facebook BluePrint)


  1. (Hubspot inbound certification)


  1. (Free Online Digital Marketing Courses and Exams)


  1. (Hubspot content marketing certification) 
  2. (Free courses from Harvard University)
  3. (Digital Skills to gain a job or start a new business)


  1. (The Ultimate Financial Freedom Course)

  1. (Build and Grow your Business with Confidence)


  1. (Social Media Growth Strategies Email Course)
  2. (Free courses on conversion optimization, digital analytics growth, and UX)


  1. (How to use MOZ SEO Tools)


  1. (Master advertising on Twitter)
  2. (Digital Marketing courses)


  1. (Free Courses and Coupons from Udemy) 


  1. (Free Courses to upgrade your skills fro Eduonix) 
  2. (Master Marketing with Pinterest Academy) 


  1. (Using Instagram Stories for Business)


  1. (Make Beautiful Designs with Canva)


  1. (Pay-Per-Click – PPC Guides) 


  1. (Hootsuite social media scheduling tool training) 


  1. (Grow your e-business skills)


  1. (Learn Incredible SEO with Yoast)


  1. (Next-Level SEO Training)


  1. – Digital Marketing planning E-Learning Course 


  1. (Learn effective marketing for startups)
  2. (Free Guides)


  1. (Mailchimp guide to email marketing)


  1. (Free Digital Marketing Ebooks)
  2. (Become a Microsoft Certified Advertising Professional) 


  1. (Affiliate Marketing Step-by-step written guide by Neil Patel) 


  1. (Curated Video Courses and resources on Digital Marketing) 


  1. (Free Digital Marketing Fundamentals) 


  1. (MIT Open-Courseware) 


  1. (Free online courses with gamified learning)
  2. (Zero-cost learning) 

40. (Free online courses from coursera)

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