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Business grants from Birmingham City Council in England Birmingham City Council is a local authority in the United Kingdom that was established on April 1, 1993, and was elected in May 2018. Public Health, Housing, Childcare, Business, Environmental Health, Licensing, Libraries, Sport and Recreation, Transportation and Parking, Waste Management and Recycling, Leisure, Streetscene, and Community Services are among the services it offers. In your location, the municipal council has a number of business subsidies available.

Birmingham City Council has the ability to offer business grants for a number of small and medium-sized business projects. These awards aid in the expense of doing business, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses. Birmingham City Council has more than £18 million in funding available for innovative and creative businesses and organisations. Birmingham City Council offers two different forms of business grants. The first is a Business Growth Grant, which can be used to fund a variety of projects for SMEs or developing businesses.
This could be for expansion projects like hiring more people, expanding into new markets, or growing into new industries.

These are frequently based on a Business Development Grant for already-existing businesses. The Business Development Grant can be used to help with guidance and training in new business disciplines, the development of new products or services, or the improvement of current customer service.
Birmingham City Council has a total of five business grants available to assist your company. The Self-Serve Business Growth Grant and the Business Development Growth Grant are two types of business growth grants. Both are open to organisations of any size, with funding ranging from £50,000 to £5 million.

Small and medium-sized firms can benefit from the Self-Serve Business Growth award, which is aimed at a wide range of organisations and industries.
Only certain types of organisations are eligible for the Business Development grant, which provides guidance, training, and support for a variety of business development activities. The Small Business Grant, which provides £5,000 to £10,000 to a broader variety of organisations of any size, is eligible to a greater range of organisations of any size. It covers services such as consulting, training, and assistance with specific business tasks.

The Local Growth Grant is intended to help businesses in Birmingham’s most disadvantaged neighbourhoods grow. This will aid in the development, growth, and security of the local economy. The Growth Grant is open to all types of businesses of any size, and it covers a variety of topics such as expansion initiatives, training, and business assistance. It also provides assistance with land acquisition, start-ups, and expansion initiatives.
The West Midlands Growth Zone Growth Fund (WMGZGF) is a development and growth fund available to businesses of all sizes in the West Midlands.

Funding for your business’s development, new items, customer service, or your company’s website will be supplied as part of the assistance. You can receive funding as long as you are a member of the WMG ZGF. Through training, mentorship, and seminars, the Growth Hub financing aims to assist start-ups and existing SMEs in getting their ideas off the ground. Businesses can also utilise the facilities to network with other local businesses or collaborate on joint ventures or goods. The Ettingshall Growth Hub is located in the West Midlands.

The Growth Hub offers a shared office, workshop, and communal area, as well as an incubator space in a refurbished church. The West Midlands Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) provide grant financing to help new and current enterprises get off the ground. Apprenticeship Support Fund is included in this (ASF). The Apprenticeship Support Fund aims to encourage the development of high-quality apprenticeship programmes. The Fund provides LEPs and other organisations that support start-ups and existing enterprises train people for employment or start-up occupations with matching financial contributions.

The incentives are aimed at young individuals between the ages of 16 and 19, who are either new to employment or have recently been laid off. The highest amount you can spend is £7,500. The Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) (BGP) The West Midlands Business Growth Programme (BGP) is a package of activities aimed at assisting early-stage SMEs and start-ups. It’s part of a larger company support package that includes the West Midlands Growth Accelerator (WMGA) and money from the Growth Hub.

A three-phase support model is used by the BGP. The programme provides organised help to firms during the first two phases. The firm has proceeded to the third phase, where they are ready to expand on their ideas and learn new skills. The business must have created a strong growth trajectory and be a valuable asset to the West Midlands at the end of the process. The BGP is delivered by a Business Incubation team.

The programme will be managed by the Team, which will collaborate with local community organisations, enterprise partnerships, universities, local governments, regional development agencies, and SMEs. What steps do you need to take to apply? You must be a start-up or a business that is less than two years old to be eligible for the Business Growth Programme. Start-ups are companies that are in the early phases of development and have less than 500,000 turnovers. They are also fresh to the job market or to establishing their own business.

Through the first two levels of the programme, start-ups are eligible for help. Existing enterprises that are less than two years old are also eligible for assistance, but they must be in the third stage of growth. The Business Growth Programme runs for four years. Grant financing of up to £50,000 is available to businesses. This, however, is not the case.

The BGP will provide a maximum of £150,000 in total financing. Experts in a variety of industries, including business consulting, finance, and marketing, provide support and commercial advice to successful organisations. The Business Growth Programme is backed by organisations that are the program’s principal partners. All of them are listed below. Why should you submit an application? The Business Development Program will: Assist firms in improving their business strategy and establishing a solid growth path. Encourage firms to hire more people and strengthen ties with local universities.

local business collaborations, as well as local communities Promote the knowledge of local businesses. Create chances for the business and educational institutions to match skills. Assist businesses in understanding their financial situation and how to improve it in order to encourage long-term economic growth in the local economy. What are the steps of the process?

The programme is backed by organisations that will collaborate with your company based on their expertise and experience. It provides your company with assistance, advice, and training at various stages. You may learn more about each phase and its advantages by reading on: The Growth Roadshow is the first stage. A maximum of £25,000 The Growth Roadshow provides you with a face-to-face, interactive briefing with an experienced partner who will examine your organisation and assist you understand the growth difficulties you’re encountering, as well as the benefits of participating in the programme. The Funded Partner (Stage 2) The £10,000 Growth Roadshow has connected you with

There are other local organisations that can provide you with additional business guidance, resources, and other assistance. You’ll work closely with your chosen partner, who will first assist your company in addressing the difficulties highlighted in Stage 1 and then assist you in developing a business growth strategy that will support you maintain your current level of success. Co-creation and funding are the third and final stages. a maximum of £25,000 The Growth Roadshow will be backed by a number of organisations with a stake in the sector and a track record of assisting local communities. You can get access to local businesses and community groups that can provide the skills and expertise your company requires as part of this assistance.

You will be able to design a personalised business growth programme to meet your aims by partnering with these organisations. We will continue to work with you and your company to help you expand your business and meet your goals. Advantages of Participating in the Growth Roadshow: A one-of-a-kind learning opportunity that allows you to meet and interact with local business leaders, network with other companies, and take action to better your company. As part of the relationship with your organisation, an individual programme of up to eight sessions is delivered, as well as any follow-up guidance and assistance. Access to customised business advice and support that may be beneficial to your business

To get the skills and knowledge you require, join a community group. You’ll have access to some of the UK’s top financial experts and business advisors. The Institute of Directors (IoD), which has considerable experience in growing enterprises in small, medium, and big organisations, will also create and deliver your growth programme. The Institute of Directors will assist your organisation in developing its growth strategy, including assisting you in obtaining fresh funds. Your partners are collaborating with the Institute of Directors and other organisations to help their local communities. What can you expect from the Growth Roadshow? Businesses can use the Roadshow to promote their products and services.

to get help from our partners, who have a lot of expertise with business growth and know a lot about the local business community. The Roadshow provides you with access to the IoD’s help in addition to the advice and support you will receive. The IoD will give numerous support services to your organisation in addition to personalised business advice and support that could help your firm flourish. The IoD, who have vast experience in expanding businesses in small, medium, and big organisations, will create and deliver your Growth Roadshow programme.

They will assist you in developing your expansion strategy and obtaining new funding sources. In addition to the services and support you receive, the IoD helps local organisations.
What are the benefits of applying for a Growth Roadshow? The Growth Roadshow programme is designed to provide you with free guidance and support from the Institute of Directors and our partner organisations. In addition to offering support to the IoD’s members, the IoD has extensive expertise working with local businesses and has spent many years assisting small businesses in their success. The IoD has been around for almost a century.

It is the ideal choice to partner with on the Growth Roadshow programme because it has a long history of aiding small businesses. If you’re interested in attending a Growth Roadshow session and would like more information on when and where to attend, please contact the IoD to have a member of the IoD’s Business Development team contact you. Please contact us at: if you have any questions about the Growth Roadshow programme.

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